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Before you register here, please send your Research Proposal and CV to

For admission to a Master or Doctor study program a Research Proposal is obligatory.
For writing your Research Proposal, please see page 16 of the Study Procedure and our instruction via the open Moodle Course

To register at the UCN you need to upload as jpg or pdf the following documents: your passport, a picture showing your face, your high school diploma (A level, baccalaureate), your CV with your personal signature (Signed résumé / personal data sheet, in English language) and if you are already academically qualified copies of your academic qualifications (Bachelor, Master, Transcripts with credits).

When you have filled in and uploaded all necessary data, then press the send button: "SEND APPLICATION" at the end of this registration form. If any relevant information is missing this will be highlighted in red and after adding the missing information you need to press the send button again.

If you encounter any problems with the upload you can send the not uploaded data via email to


Please upload files only as jpg, jpeg, gif, png or pdf less than 500kByte.

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